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ReDominator Rack Extension Manual
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Plug-in registration problems
If you are experiencing problems registering a plug-in please try these steps:
  • On PC/Windows, please make sure to run the installers and host as administrator (right-click the .exe and use Run as Administrator)
  • On Mac/OS X, please make sure you install logged in as administrator
If your plug-in still keeps asking for registration, please see this article.
Damaged package warning on OSX during installation
Please see this forum thread.
What are the latest plug-in versions?
Check this link for the change log of the latest versions.
Owner of ABL1 and want to upgrade?
ABL2 can be upgraded to at a discounted price via this link. When ordering please make sure you enter the same registration name as your ABL1 license.
Older versions of plug-ins
If you need an older archived version of a plug-in, it can still be downloaded. See this forum thread.
Getting 32-bit plug-ins to work with Logic 9 (64-bit) in Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8)
Please see this forum thread.
Can I install onto multiple machines, for example my stationary PC and portable computer?
Yes! We believe if you purchase a plug-in you should be able to use it how and whenever you want.
I already own an AudioRealism product, can I order another with a discount to complete my bundle?
Yes! We offer cross-grades for previous customers, please contact us for more info. Don't forget to state which products you have and which ones you wish to order.
Where can I find the latest downloadable versions?
The latest versions of the plug-ins can be found on the Products page. The downloads work both in demo mode and are unlockable via a license or serial code.
The plug-in does not start with my sequencer
Our plug-ins require a Midi track to trigger pattern playback. The manuals for each plug-in describe how to do this, or read a quick post on how to do it here.
User forum support
For more general questions, for example tips on how to use our products with different hosts or MIDI controllers, please try asking on our forums. Other users may be better at answering these general questions and you might get a faster response than emailing us directly.

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Email us directly
If you have specific questions about licenses, or having problems with a plug-in you can email us directly at: support@audiorealism.se
For more general enquiries or information, use info@audiorealism.se
Note: When emailing us, please make sure that you allow emails from us in your spam filter (if you are using one) settings. Also make sure your email account quota is not filled. We usually respond to email within a few hours (on weekdays), but it can take up to a few days in worst case. If you do not hear from us at all there is probably a spam filter or similar blocking us, in which case you may try to contact us via the forum (see above).


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