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ABL2 Rawks


Das Acid House








Out of Control

Pattern detection examples

Pattern #1



Pattern #2



Pattern #3



Pattern #4




Sliding 303 ABL2
Saw with resonance 303 ABL2
Daft pattern 303 ABL2
Square + accents 303 ABL2
Compare #1 303 ABL2
Compare #2 303 ABL2
Compare #3 303 ABL2
Compare #4 303 ABL2
Compare #5 303 ABL2
Compare #6 303 ABL2


AudioRealism Bass Line 2 (ABL2)

The legendary silver box which is hallmark in electronic music has been recreated in AudioRealism Bass Line 2 (ABL2). Analog modeling techniques have been employed to create a DSP-algorithm that accurately emulates every aspect of the original TB-303, from growling basses to hollow middles and beeping highs with metal rattling accents. Patterns are composed in a fashion similar to the original using the integrated step sequencer with easy to use manipulation functions such as transpose and randomization

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Advanced pattern analyzer

The pattern analyzer is a tool for editing and analyzing patterns. In further aid to help users transition their original patterns into ABL an audio detection algorithm has been devised. That's right - it can create patterns using audio files as a source. How does it work? The original patterns are recorded under certain conditions, then simply hit Detect from wave and select the audio file. ABL2 will create a pattern resembling the audio input. Listen to the audio detection examples above for an demonstration.

Configuration Screen

The configuration screen allows you to customize your ABL2 to your liking, we even go as far as allowing you to tweak some of the internals such the Filter Vcc feed voltage, pre-gain and basic frequency offset. There is also options for selecting VCA clicks and whether to auto level the volume (which is like a compressor but without any lag).

Some unsolicited comments from users and press:

"After closely comparing ABL2 with a genuine TB-303, it's clear that AudioRealism's virtual clone is a dead ringer for the real deal". Read the full review here! - Remix Magazine

Dancetech: "[We] give the ABL a totally resounding 10/10!!" (Visit dancetech.com for full review) - Dancetech

Kai Tracid: "The ABL is a real joy, the interface and sound is just like the Real thing! I've been using it extensively and it is totally stable." - Kai Tracid

ABL2 has for several years been the highest ranked software TB-303 emulation clone on the independant site AcidVoice, see here for more.

Amazona.de: "Five plus for the authentic digital emulation"


Authentic TB-303 emulation

Internal step sequencer with per pattern shuffle

Full MIDI CC control with learning function

Integrated distortion unit

High pass filter (low cut)

Rebirth pattern import 

Two MIDI modes (Pattern or Note)

Sample accurate sync to VST and AU hosts


And much more!


English V1.5

English V2.0 Addendum



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  ABL2 in Action



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